About Us

Pet -Friendly Cafe in Delaneys Creek Australia

Welcome to our cafe!

Coffee? Cold drinks? Food? Service? The Place 2B Cafe has everything you are looking for. Our amazing owners and staff has endured the highs and lows, the jitters and sweats to bring you the best cafe in the town. You will enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this lovely cafe/restaurant in a beautiful rural setting, overlooking the large dam, which offers home to many water birds. Sit out on the veranda and take in the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Fresh home cooked meals, fantastic coffee and quality loose leaf tea. Creamy real milk shakes and the best thick shakes! Frappes & Smoothies also available, including our popular Mango Lassie, which goes down a treat with a very tasty curry. The little ones can feed the ducks & enjoy drawing on the large Blackboard provided in the Kids Shack while you enjoy some fresh air.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate at The Place 2B Café! Whatever the occasion there is—a birthday, an anniversary, graduation, a baby shower, or a simple get-together—it will be great and fruitful gathering. Be assured our dedicated team can take care of your needs. 

As your go-to pet-friendly café in Delaneys Creek, we not only have a beautiful space for you, but we also have a wide selection of food and drink to suit your requirements. Experience the city’s finest venue for your group and private dining at The Place 2B Café.  

  • Please make reservations via phone when organising group event.

Wheelchair Friendly 

As we belong in an industry built on hospitality, we make sure that our store will be accessible to our valued customers. The ramp we provide will help wheelchair users get into our cafe via our parking lot. We have toilets designed for our customers. We have also trained our staff to keep an eye on anyone who needs assistance to enter and leave our cafe. 

Through this approach, we want to make all our customers feel welcome and comfortable. 

Indoor and Outdoor Dining 

Not quite indoors. Not quite outdoors. Our pet-friendly cafe is an idyllic place to enjoy any type of weather. No matter if it’s summer, winter, or transitioning into autumn, you can definitely elevate your overall experience with our indoor and outdoor dining. 

We provide air-conditioning inside for those wanting to be surrounded by local artwork and in from the heat. If you would prefer a scenic view, we have both patio or garden seats. Overlooking gorgeous scenery including our dam filled with friendly and beautiful birdlife.

If you want to take a closer look to our chic restaurant, feel free to drop by the store. Bring your family and friends and get ready for its refreshing takes. 

Gluten-Free Friendly 

Nowadays, people have already conformed to the new norm—a gluten-free diet. At the Place 2B Café, we are answering your call.  

When dining out, gluten-free menu options can be scarce and sometimes nonexistent. So, we are here to step up. We employ experts in preparing gluten-free food to meet and adhere the highest standard possible. 

Gluten-free diners will not have to browse the map to find restaurants who can satisfy their needs. Rejoice and enjoy our food at the Place 2B Café! 

Pet-Friendly Cafe

There’s nothing pet owners love more than spending some quality time with their furry friends. If you are one of them, taking your pets out will be hard for you to find a place where you can sit and eat. Well, this is no trouble, so never fear. 

The Place 2B – your pet-friendly café, is perfect for you and your four-legged companion. We can even provide a water bowl for your best friend. Your energetic welcoming buddy and number one stress reliever deserves the reward of your company. 

Date your pet this weekend to our cafe and have a great time! 

BYO Restaurants in Delaney’s Creek Australia

BYO Alcohol Only 

As one of your BYO restaurants in the city, we allow you, our guests and customers to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Your favourite alcoholic drink may not be on our menu to drink. So, we give you the chance bring them in to enjoy with your meal.

The corkage charge per glass is only $2. 

Get your favourite drinks into our café at the most reasonable price. Our staff will gladly plunge them into a bucket of ice.

At the Place 2B Café, we’ll make sure that the food and service we provide are worth much more than what you paid for.