The Place 2b : Natural Cafe and Kid Friendly Restaurants in Delaney’s Creek Australia

Need somewhere kid & pet friendly? Want to catch up with your friends, spend time with family, unwind, or just get fresh air? From light to heavy meals, kids menu to carry outs, you’ll definitely make the most of your time with a wide selection of food that The Place 2B Cafe offers. Check out pictures in our Gallery and we’re sure you’ll be booking a table in no time.

All Day Light Meals 

Feeling peckish? Then this menu is designed for you.

Raisin toast $5

Served with butter and cinnamon. 

Scones $5.50

Home-baked daily with fresh cream, jam & butter. 

BLT $14

Bacon, lettuce & tomato served on Turkish bread with BBQ sauce. 

Mini Mee Burger $13.80

beef slider with lettuce, cheese, tomato, beetroot & carrot with salad and a side of chips. 

Toasted Croissant $ 11

Ham, tomato & cheese 

Soup of the Day $ 12.80

Home made served with toasted bread 

Egg & Bacon Sandwich $ 12.50

two eggs, one bacon 

Toasty Sandwiches $9

ham, cheese, tomato (any 3 fillings) 

Bowl of chips $7 

Side of chips $4 

Garlic bread $8


A story without the protagonist is just as dull and lacking as a meal without the main course. For the highlight of your meal, we have amazing home made tastes for all.

Farmers Tasty Home Made Beef Pie $19

Served with chips & salad garnish 

Quiche of the day $18

Home-baked, served with chips & salad 

Beer Battered Flathead $18

served with chips & salad 

Lasagne  $18

Home-baked, served with chips & salad 

Tender T Bone Steak 300g $30

cooked the way you like it, served with chips & salad your choice of sauce – pepper, diane, mushroom or gravy 

Chicken Caesar Salad  $19

cos lettuce with bacon, egg, croutons, c & our homemade caesar dressing

Spicy Thai Chicken Cakes  $18

Home made, grilled & served on rice with our house sauce & salad 

BIG Cafe Burger  $18

beef pattie, egg, bacon, cheese & salad on a toasted bun with BBQ sauce  

Steak Sandwich $18

Quality Rib Fillet with Grilled Onion, Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato, Carrot & Beetroot served on turkish bread with small serve chips 

Spaghetti Bolognaise $17

classic, made with our tasty sauce 

Chicken Breast $29

Served with bacon, avocado, camembert cheese& hollandaise sauce with chips & salad 

Chicken Parmigiana $26

With tasty nap sauce with cheese & ham salad & chips

Salt Water Barramundi Oven Grilled $31

With a garlic lemon butter sauce served with chips & salad

Vegetarian Options

Looking for a vegetarian meal when you are dining out can be complicated. We’re here to offer you delicious choices all in the one place. With these healthy vegetarian options, we’re sure you’ll come back for more. 

Vegetarian Lasagna $18

Home Made & served salad & chips 

Caesar Salad $17

Cos lettuce with egg, croutons, parmesan and our home made caesar dressing 

Vegetarian Warm Sweet Potato Bean Salad $17 

Served with our tangy mango dressing 

Home Baked Frittata $18

pumpkin / zucchini served with chips & salad  

Spinach Quiche W/A $18

served with chips and salad

Kids Menu 

Eating out with your little ones? Feeding them with something special? The Place 2b Café is where they should be. We can assure you that we only offer the best food choices for children of all ages. 

Scrambled or poached eggs on toast $10 

Bacon & cheese Pizza $10

-served with chips 

Spaghetti Bolognese $10 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips $10 

Mince pie & chips $10 

Kids fish fingers & chips $10

Hot Drinks 

Want to relax and take a break? We suggest that you enjoy a warming drink from our selection. 

……………………………………….Cup ………..Mug

Flat white ………………………………..4.00         4.90

Cappuccino.……………………………..4.00         4.90

Long Black……………………………….3.50         4.00

Espresso (Short Black)…………….3.00             

Piccolo Latte/Macchiato…………..3.50             

Coffee Latte / Chai Latte…………..4.80             

Turmeric Latte…………………………5.00             


Hot Chocolate ………………………….4.90


2 scoops ice-cream, ground coffee & milk  7.00

Pot Loose Leaf Tea

Sml – 4.50     Med – 5.00    Lrg – 5.50      

extra cup  – 50c                

Soy / L.F. Milk / Almond Milk / Decaf / Flavoured Syrup /  Extra Shot 70c

Cold Drinks 

Get great tasting cold drinks and ice cream to pair up your sumptuous meal. Our extensive range of cold drinks will surely quench your thirst. 

Iced Coffee / Ice Chocolate / Ice Chai  – 7.80 

Iced Frappes  – 7.00

White chocolate, chocolate, coconut mocha, caramel, vanilla, matcha green tea 

Fruit/ veg Smoothies  – 9.00

Mango, Strawberry, Harvest Greens, Mixed Berry, Banana 

Yoghurt Mango Lassi  – 9.00 

Thick Thick Shakes – 8.00

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, banana, lime 

Milk Shakes  – 6.20

chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana, vanilla, lime(Maleny Milk & Bulla Ice Cream)

Ice Cream Sunday – 6.00

2 scoops served with wafers & flavouring

BYO ALCOHOL ONLY Corkage $2 Per Glass


-5.30pm to 9pm-

Have a date for Friday?

Friends wanting to catch up somewhere new?

We have a range of options available to satisfy everyone. Sure to make an amazing night out for whatever the occasion.


Start the night right with these easy delicious entrees everyone loves. 

Garlic Bread $8

A classic appetiser; why fix what isn’t broken? We figure this dish speaks for itself & hope that you enjoy the delicious Garlic infused Butter.

• Add tasty cheese $1 

Spinach Cob Loaf $15

A pillar of Australian degustation, this deep-dish bread bowl is filled with a delectable creamy Spinach dip. Fresh, filling & perfect for two to share! 

Bruschetta $13

What can we say? We feel that this delicious combination of diced fresh vine ripened Tomatoes, finely diced Red Onion & shredded Basil tossed with Balsamic vinegar, Olive Oil & seasoned with Salt & Pepper. Italian’s know where it’s at!

Mains – add choice of sauce $2

Whether you are coming with family, friends, or loved ones, the recipes from our kitchen professionals will make your night truly great and memorable. 

T Bone Steak 300g $30

Grilled the way you like it and served with fresh garden salad and chips with gravy

Sea Catch Barramundi $31

Grilled & served with fresh garden salad & chips 

Seafood Basket $29

Fish, calamari, seafood bites & chips

Additional Choices 

-Don’t forget to check the curry menu-

Want something to different from our main dishes? Get the food of your choice from our full range.

Spaghetti Bolognese $20

The Classic Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef mince in a rich Tomato Napoli sauce with sautéed Onions & seasoned with Herbs. Served with Spaghetti & topped with shaved Parmesan. 

Chicken Parmigiana $25

An Australian institution, our house made Chicken Schnitzel topped with rich Napoli sauce, ham & golden browned cheese alongside a fresh garden salad and chips 

Chicken Breast $29

Fresh Chicken Breast served with bacon, avocado, camembert cheese and topped with a delicious hollandaise sauce alongside a fresh garden salad & chips 

Caesar Salad $18

add grilled chicken $6

The infamous Caesar Salad! For when you feel the need for something light & crisp but deliciously decadent. Served with crisp Cos Lettuce, Croutons, sautéed Bacon, poached egg & creamy dressing. 

Greek Salad $18

Traditional & tasty tomatoes, cucumber, red onion,salt with black pepper,olive oil, oregano, feta cheese, pitted black olives

For the Kids 

Bring your little ones on your Friday night-out.

We designed a menu especially for them. 

Spaghetti Bolognese $10

Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese, only Kiddlet sized.Yummy Tomato & Beef Sauce 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips $10

Golden-Brown Crispy Nuggets & Chips 

Hawaiian Pizza & Chips $10

Classic Ham & Pineapple Pizza with Chips 

Fish Fingers with Chips & Salad $10

Yummy Golden-Brown Fish fingers with Chips & fresh Salad 

Ice cream & Topping $5.50

Who doesn’t like Ice Cream with topping?

Sweets add ice cream $2.50

The best way to end your night is to eat dessert. Heed the call of your sweet tooth. Silence them and satisfy all your sugar cravings with our warm and comforting selection of sweets.

Ice-cream Cone $6

Beautiful quality vanilla ice-cream in a delicious waffle cone

Hot Apple Pie $7

served with real fresh cream 

Home Bake Sticky Date Pudding $12.50

served with real fresh cream and a butterscotch / caramel 

Home Bake Cheese Cake $7

served with real fresh cream

Traditional Curry Menu 

-All day and night-

Craving for a traditional curry dish?

With the freshest ingredients mixed up by the best cook in town, you will find it ubiquitously on our traditional curry menu. 


Losing your appetite? Whet them all up for the big meal ahead with these starters. 

Mango Lassi $9

a refreshing yoghurt based smoothie 

Mixed Entree $8

Two spring rolls & two Samosas 

Spring Rolls $8

Four crispy vegetarian spring rolls with dipping sauce 

Samosas $8

Four spicy potato filled curry puffs served with dipping sauce 

Naan or Roti Bread $4

Plain or garlic 

Raita Yoghurt Salad $4.50 

Basmati Rice $4 


papadum served with each meal add rice $4.00

How can your dish be completed without the centrepiece? Check out our wide selection of main course and have your curry dish prepared for the ultimate meal. 

Butter Chicken $18

Yoghurt base in a mild curry sauce with cream, nuts & spices 

Beef Rogan Josh $18

Cream base cooked in a thick sauce with light spices including cardamon & cinnamon 

Beef Vindaloo $18

Beef cooked in highly spiced sauce with chillies 

Pork Vindaloo $18

Tender pork cooked in spicy sauce with chillies 

Chicken Marsala  G/F  D/F $18

coriander, chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, ginger, cardamon & cumin 

Chicken Tikka $18

tender chicken cooked in a rich full flavoured spicy curry sauce with chillies 

Chicken Satay Curry $18

Cream based, spicy curry in a thick peanut sauce 

Beef Tandoori $18

Yoghurt based with mild chili, coriander and spices 

Vegetarian Curry $18

Cream based with mixed veggies in a mild spicy sauce

Take Away Available 

Want to take home your food or have a home cooked meal on the go?

We will have your orders packed and ready for you to take it anywhere you feel comfortable to eat.

 With a variety of food selection to choose from, you will surely leave our café full and satisfied.

Hungry yet? Order today! 


For dining in, if you want to bring your own beverage, you may do so with a corkage fee of $2.

We reserve the right to vary prices and rates in the event of changes in price rises made by wholesalers or other suppliers. 

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